encore la saison

by sacremaja

So I think this will be the last gift I give for a few weeks, unless a surprise birthday springs up.  My coworker, neighbor, and very good friend, Melisa, had a birthday on Thursday.  Tomorrow is her birthday dinner in Paris and I am finishing up her gift, a pair of turquoise gloves, 50% wool.  Melisa’s got quite small hands so gloves are always too big on her and the fingers much too long, so I’ve made these to fit rather small hands.  She’s from Guadalajara so she’s not at all accustomed to the cold (and it is COLD in Paris these days…it was -9˚C Thursday morning)…these gloves should be quite warm.  I really hope they’re a good fit for her…

[And as a side note…I just learned there is a French verb of ganter:  to put gloves on.  I’m just going to start inventing verbs whenever I feel like it by adding verb endings to any old thing…like confiturer:  to put jam on my toast, etc etc.]

gants de quiétude