le soleil => nouvelles taches de rousseur

by sacremaja

I’ve got some freckles.  I don’t have loads of freckles, I’m not covered in them or anything.  I have a small splotch of what looks like mud (my “beauty mark”) on my right cheek and freckles along the top of my nose.  I’ve been told a number of times by freckly people that I “don’t have any freckles.”  I’ve also been told a number of times by not very freckly people that my “freckles are so cute!”  So which is it?  I clearly have a couple.  I don’t know why we base assessments of others on how they compare to ourselves in some unimportant aspect of our physicality.  But we clearly do it.  Especially when it’s regarding something we’re proud of or sensitive about.  Whenever a girl complains or brags about the size of her chest, almost every single time I am bigger, and I always think silently, “pfft, you think those are big?”  I don’t mean it in a proud way.  I’m the least competitive person in the world!  But it almost makes me feel irritated.  And why?  I’m sure she also has trouble finding clothes that fit properly.  “But I have more trouble,” I think stubbornly.

Anyway, I’ve got some new freckles from walking around in the sun every chance I get, and my nose is looking rather dirty at this point, if you ask me, but I had my group of male engineers in class this week, and they all told me that they were “charmant!!!” and very beautiful.  D’aww.  Thanks guys.  I love that class.  Some of them don’t speak much, but some of them are quite bright, and they’re very boisterous and funny and one even invited me to Carnaval in his neighboring town a couple of weeks ago.  “We go in the parade!  We will be en déguise!  Dress like women!  And we drink!!!”  I didn’t go, but I’m sure it was a partay.

Here are my freckles (I apologize for looking so deathly serious.  For one thing, I am a bit blue, and for another, it’s really really hard to take a picture of my big nose that doesn’t break through the screen of your computer and poke you in the face).  I had lunch with my old roommates in their new garden last weekend, and when I came inside it looked like someone had splattered mud on my nose.  They were so dark!  They’ve stabilized a bit now.


Faces are so weird.  I’m not actually sure what I look like.  I always look different, and I regularly get really surprised when I pass a mirror or see a photo of myself.  “Is that what I look like??”