un français essaie un pantalon

by sacremaja

A couple of weeks ago I visited a French friend doing Erasmus in Oxford.  I was lucky enough to come when her dad was there (I love her whole family so much, they’re wonderful people…I like to think of them as my French family).  Her dad is hilarious.  He tried on three pairs of these pants in various sizes and did a sort of a martial arts routine to test the fit…kicking one leg in the air, squatting, bending all over the place.  He also kept leaving the curtain open when he went in to change to different pants, prompting my friend to say repeatedly, “papa, le rideau!!!”  I took a picture so he could see the fit, since the camera doesn’t lie, and he seemed happy with them.  When he went to the counter to purchase them, he seemed sure that he was entitled to the discount because his daughter is a student at Oxford.  The manager politely said that they had no such discount but said that he would be happy to give him one as a gesture, to which her father responded, “ah, well then maybe I take the pullover as well, if there is a discount!  Sorry…French people are like that!”

I laughed for the next 30 minutes.

I love this man!  Monsieur H.B.:

monsieur h

Walters of Oxford, 21 avril 2012