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Month: May, 2012

déj chez ma famille française

Nothing is harder than saying goodbye.  And so we will say see you soon.  Because we will.

Had lunch today with my French family.  They are amazing people; I can’t wait to come back and visit them.  And when this man (Monsieur H.B., and yes he wore his pants today) opens his own school or his own little business in Bretagne, I will work there.

I love these desserts, but not as much as these people.

20 mai 2012, mon dernier jour (pour l’instant)…

See you soon, family.  See you soon, France. xoxo



today marks one month exactly of vacation.


chez K at Strasbourg-St Denis, 14 mai 2012

ah coucou là


je savais tout de suite.

13 mai 2012

grand fête sous la fenêtre!

Il y a un match de foot ce soir?!!  I have no idea what’s going on, but there’s a vuvuzela-rich party going on in the street below.  Lots of screaming, chanting, singing, flag-flinging, and honking.  And dancing.  And fire!

And they all dance like my former Syrian roommate!!!  Arab dance, it’s all in the arms.


Strasbourg St-Denis, 12 mai 2012

Marseille : la Méditerranée




mer 2

1 mai 2012

le saut

I’m sorry that jumping pictures are everywhere, taken by everyone in front of every major tourist site, but I didn’t start taking them until just last year and so I’m still in my honeymoon phase and enjoy them.

Voilà, taken by my mom in Les Beaux de Provence. I just got back from a week in the south so there will be many more of these photos to come (not jumping photos, just beautiful Provence photos).

5 mai 2012