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Month: June, 2012

kids in america

Back in the US of A (like the Beatles song but not quite).

It’s tough, but I’m not here to complain.

I’m making the best of things and the most of my time.  I go the gym nearly every day for an hour; I usually swim afterward at home to cool off.  I’m taking tennis lessons.  Today I even hit some good ones.  I’m learning to cook things other than pastas with different sauces and soups.  I’m going to start fiddling with my sewing machine one of these days.  I’m studying Polish.  I’m trying to get a dual citizenship that would change my life.  I’m trying to go back to school in the fall to do another degree.

The future is still scary, but I’m trying to keep things under control and take everything one week, or day, or hour at a time.

11 juin 2012, Orland Park: before and during the trip home in a friend’s mother’s convertible.


déjeuner à Orange

Lunchtime in Orange, where you can see one of the best preserved Roman amphitheaters and find beautiful rosé.

Wine before:


Wine (and my plateski) after:


5 mai 2012

le plus bel endroit du monde!

Cassis!  3 mai 2012.

Absolutely spectacular.  The pictures don’t capture it; it must be visited and seen in all its splendor.