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Month: November, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving (late)

The whole internet goes into the hypocrisy of Thanksgiving, so I’ll spare that bit and just say it was nice to be home since I was not for the last two Thanksgivings.  Not all of my family could make it, but this is closer than I came in 2010 and 11.

this recipe card is older than I am.




grâce à Matador Network

Matador Network shared this photo on Facebook today (photographer unknown).

This is in Rothenburg, and my step-grandmother’s family lived in that center house a couple of generations ago.  I have visited Rothenburg with my grandpa and was really excited to see the photo!

Simply beautiful.  I went in the month of May, and it was lovely, but I’m pretty sure this town was made for Christmastime.

“I can see your double O and your 7.”

Graham Norton stated on his show that the formula to determine your Bond Girl name is your childhood nickname for your private parts + your grandmother’s maiden name.

Therefore, my Bond Girl name could be:  Weewee McCoy, or Weewee Kuczynska.  I don’t know which I like more.