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joyeux noël

another Christmas.

we’ve had this little angel since I can remember.  when I was little I would constantly take her off the tree and fly her around the house.  we have two other angel ornaments that were her friends, and I would make the three of them play all the time.  I thought they were so beautiful.  I still think so, actually.


I lost the best cat in the world in July 2010.  we have several ornaments dedicated to members of our family who have passed; this black, green-eyed kitty is in honor of my Gypsy.


Christmas eve Scrabble with two professors.  I placed 2nd!


got a beautiful new charm for my bracelet, this one for Switzerland.


and finally, one Christmas decoration from last year that I am missing dearly this year.

c IMG_1082

joyeux noël tout le monde.  merry christmas, wesolych swiat (thanks mom). ♥


Happy Thanksgiving (late)

The whole internet goes into the hypocrisy of Thanksgiving, so I’ll spare that bit and just say it was nice to be home since I was not for the last two Thanksgivings.  Not all of my family could make it, but this is closer than I came in 2010 and 11.

this recipe card is older than I am.



grâce à Matador Network

Matador Network shared this photo on Facebook today (photographer unknown).

This is in Rothenburg, and my step-grandmother’s family lived in that center house a couple of generations ago.  I have visited Rothenburg with my grandpa and was really excited to see the photo!

Simply beautiful.  I went in the month of May, and it was lovely, but I’m pretty sure this town was made for Christmastime.

la terrasse

Summer at my house.


juillet 2012

déjeuner à Orange

Lunchtime in Orange, where you can see one of the best preserved Roman amphitheaters and find beautiful rosé.

Wine before:


Wine (and my plateski) after:


5 mai 2012