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joyeux noël

another Christmas.

we’ve had this little angel since I can remember.  when I was little I would constantly take her off the tree and fly her around the house.  we have two other angel ornaments that were her friends, and I would make the three of them play all the time.  I thought they were so beautiful.  I still think so, actually.


I lost the best cat in the world in July 2010.  we have several ornaments dedicated to members of our family who have passed; this black, green-eyed kitty is in honor of my Gypsy.


Christmas eve Scrabble with two professors.  I placed 2nd!


got a beautiful new charm for my bracelet, this one for Switzerland.


and finally, one Christmas decoration from last year that I am missing dearly this year.

c IMG_1082

joyeux noël tout le monde.  merry christmas, wesolych swiat (thanks mom). ♥


grand fête sous la fenêtre!

Il y a un match de foot ce soir?!!  I have no idea what’s going on, but there’s a vuvuzela-rich party going on in the street below.  Lots of screaming, chanting, singing, flag-flinging, and honking.  And dancing.  And fire!

And they all dance like my former Syrian roommate!!!  Arab dance, it’s all in the arms.


Strasbourg St-Denis, 12 mai 2012


Happy Easter.

bunnies at Saint-Michel, 5 avril 2012

carnaval des femmes

Place du Châtelet, 18 mars 2012



A good percentage of the participants were male.  My mom’s university does an annual (I think it’s annual?  If not then I suppose it happened just the one time) Take Back the Night walk in honor of rape victims, and I recall one year a few women got into a huff over men wanting to participate.  As if men can’t be against rape, too.  These dudes were great!  I couldn’t take my eyes off this drummer; he was so happy, he just couldn’t stop smiling.

Carnavale à Paris

Carnavale!  Place Gambetta dans le 20ème, 10 février 2012.

“Si l’Amérique Latine est comme ça, pourquoi on est à Paris?” – me to my Mexicans

femmes de carnivale 2